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I was visiting a franchisee this week when this tip resurfaced in my mind.  The tech and I went into one home where there were 3 adults chain-smoking the entire time in a fairly small space.  You can imagine what we smelled like when we left (no offense to any of you smokers out there — this was an extreme case.)   My suggestion is to provide your technicians with a bottle of Febreze to carry in their vans.  If they are in a similar situation they could spray themselves after the call so that when they go to the next customer’s home they do not smell like smoke.  This is good for technicians that happen to be smokers as well.  Non-smoking customers do complain ...
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There is often confusion about what all the numbers mean on the traditional scheduler (as soon above). I'm hoping this will clear-up some of the confusion. ​ In this example, we have 2 technicians working Zone 1 – each tech is setup for 3 hours* in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. Therefore, there are a possible 12 hours that can be scheduled for the day in Zone 1. Six are already scheduled, leaving a total of six (6) still available. The 6 in the box indicates the number still available . The six already scheduled were scheduled as: 5 Any Time 1 Afternoon The 5 already scheduled as Any Time could end up being ...