6 + 5 = 6 .... I Told You Math Was Hard

By Deborah McKenney posted 03-11-2014 09:59


There is often confusion about what all the numbers mean on the traditional scheduler (as soon above). I'm hoping this will clear-up some of the confusion.

In this example, we have 2 technicians working Zone 1 – each tech is setup for 3 hours* in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. Therefore, there are a possible 12 hours that can be scheduled for the day in Zone 1.

Six are already scheduled, leaving a total of six (6) still available. The 6 in the box indicates the number still available. The six already scheduled were scheduled as:

  • 5 Any Time
  • 1 Afternoon
The 5 already scheduled as Any Time could end up being either morning or afternoon depending on how the addresses fit into the route, but the one scheduled for the afternoon can only be in the afternoon.

Therefore, we have six (6) appointments left that we could schedule for either morning or afternoon and five (5) appointments left we could schedule for either morning or afternoon.  We would be able to accommodate the next 6 people that call for an appointment in Zone 1 in the morning, but only 5 of them in the afternoon. 

First Call /  Last Call:  The 2 that appears in the First Call and Last Call boxes indicates we have 2 technicians that work in this zone – each tech can do 1 First Call and 1 Last Call.  If you want to schedule a tech for First or Last Call you must indicate which tech in the box below the number. The number of available First and Last Call appointments will decrease as you select them.  These should be used very sparingly as they restrict the route.

Hours vs. Jobs:  The numbers in the Any Time, Before-Noon and Afternoon boxes represent hours not necessarily jobs.  Best example: you most likely have the Sealed System Dispatch Code set to be a 2 hour job (120 minutes in System Setup > Dispatch Codes).  When you select the Sealed System Dispatch Code for a job, the count on the Schedule will be reduced by 2.  Using example above, if we schedule the Sealed System job to be Any Time – the 6 will change to 4 indicating we only have 4 hours available in Zone 1 that day.